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Your mobile customer is ready to engage...are you?

Your current and future customers are connected 24/7 and are using more screens and different devices than ever before. They control how, when and where they choose to engage and search for your business. Can your web site keep up? No matter what device your customers are searching on (desktop, tablet, smartphone), your site must be easy to find and use – no ‘screen pinching’ or scrolling allowed! A positive user experience could very well convert a mobile prospect to a loyal customer.

A responsive web site can do that for you. Read on...

What is a responsive web site?

In simple terms, a responsive web site is designed for viewing on different types of devices, screens and resolutions.

How does it work?

The web design adapts to the viewing space/screen size (smaller for phones, a little larger for tablets) offering the user a nice experience without having to scroll right or left, or pinch in or out.

Why is this important?

It’s simple, if you don't offer your users or potential customers a good experience when searching for your business on their device of choice, they may move on to your competitors site. If they can't find what they are looking for easily, today's mobile customer will move on to the next.

If you can make sure that users have a positive experience with your web site (anywhere, any-time) you are more likely to engage them and convert that prospect to a loyal customer.

Benefits for responsive design

Not convinced? Here are some simple stats from two Google studies to prove our point:

  • 94% of smart-phone users look for local information on their phone, and 84% take action as a result
  • 67% of people start shopping on one device and continue on another
  • If you checked, already 10%-30% of your web site visitors are coming from mobile/tablets (if you are not offering them a user friendly version they're gone!)

So, don’t lose customers to a bad mobile search experience. Call Adcorp Media Group for more information on responsive web design and learn more about our other digital solutions.

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