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An online presence is a MUST in today's business environment and they often make the difference between a potential customer choosing YOU instead of your competition.

With a well-designed site, your business can project an image that is indistiguishable from multi-national corporations. In fact, your web site is often your first chance to make a good (or bad!) impression.

Adcorp Media Group specializes in helping entrepreneurs build their business by building a site that will set them apart and set them above their competitors.

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Mobile Web Design

Your mobile customer is ready to engage...are you?

Your current and future customers are connected 24/7 and are using more screens and different devices than ever before. They control how, when and where they choose to engage and search for your business. Can your web site keep up? No matter what device your customers are searching on (desktop, tablet, smartphone), your site must be easy to find and use – no ‘screen pinching’ or scrolling allowed! A positive user experience could very well convert a mobile prospect to a loyal customer.

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Branding and Identity

Maybe you are starting from scratch, or maybe it’s time for a facelift – but your logo, icon, tagline is one of the most important aspects of your business. It defines who you are to your customers in an instant (or at least, it should). Once it’s developed, all of your sales materials, business cards, letterhead, flyers, signage, the whole ‘magilla’, needs to maintain that consistent branding. Branding must be done right, otherwise it can be a disaster for your business. Adcorp Media Group understands brand and identity creation, brand building, brand personality and brand support.


You've gone digital and social and mobile and have created all those aspects for marketing your business in the 21st century, but guess what? You're still going to need a brochure, a business card...maybe even a postcard for direct mail. Something to have and to hold for a customer or future prospect to remember you by. With a talented group of designers and copywriters, Adcorp Media Group knows the importance of sales materials and can create some beautiful pieces for you with engaging content that will represent your business and services in a compelling, attractive way. We know all aspects of pre-press, printing and finishing.

Web and DigitalAdcorp Digital Display

Engaging Motion Graphics Engage your Customer!

Our digital displays are strategically placed in perimeter departments which are heavily trafficked areas where there is ‘dwell’ time allowing for maximum exposure of your message to your audience. The innovative, state-of-the-art HD display attracts attention through rich, dynamic motion graphics.

  • Strategically placed in perimeter departments
    (deli/appetizer, produce, bakery) which are heavily trafficked areas

  • Located in areas where there is ‘dwell’ time
    (customers can wait up to seven minutes or more for a deli order)

  • Innovative, HD display attracts attention through rich, dynamic motion graphic advertising

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Agency Media Kit

Agency Revenue

The strategic placement of our in-store advertising media offers unavoidable, unparalleled exposure with precise targeting, at extremely affordable CPM.

At Adcorp Media Group, we offer a wide range of supermarket-based display products with inventory in over 1,500 stores. Our supermarket display products include Shopping Cart Ads, Ad Benches, Welcome Center Signage and Market Information Center Signage. All of our products deliver targeted reach and frequency and guaranteed exposure to your target audience in the location of YOUR CHOICE.

Our products provide a good option for your local media program and spot market and test market plan.

Supermarket media can play a role in the media mix as an efficient vehicle that meets your reach and frequency goals, your communication goals, and your target demographics.

Click a link below to learn more about the role of supermarket media in the media mix.

( Adcorp Media Group Agency Media Kit )
( Adcorp Latino Agency Media Kit )


Marketing campaign support on a local level for the following national and regional advertisers:

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